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planvu version 3

Introducing the all new upgraded version of our interactive mapping solution for online publishing of Local Authority Planning information, planvu Version3. Version 3 release sees new functionality added in the form of capturing policies by polygon / line / radius and also linkages to Limehouse consultation software.

What's new in version 3

Capturing policies

Reveal specific planning policies within a polygon or radius.

Link to Limehouse

Links to Limehouse held Core Strategy document.

Available in version 2

Drawing tools

Allowing stakeholders to draw a shape over the mapping and save a screenshot of the map with the shape overlayed.

Click and drag pan

Improved navigation means you can use your mouse by clicking and dragging the map.

Collapsible layer categories

Expand the layer categories to reveal the information that you need or collapse to hide what you don't.

Custom scale bar

Customise the mapping on view by entering in the exact scale you would like to see.

Speak to a planvu consultant about your specific LDF needs.

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